Kodama - The Carbon Exchange API

Bring sustainability to any business.

With Kodama, it's easy to set, track, and achieve sustainability goals. Get started on your path to sustianable business today.

Your digital sustainability consultant.

Kodama helps you track and offset your emissions in real-time. Kodama makes it easy to reach your sustainability goals. Our goal is to make it dead simple to show your customers and stakeholders the impact you have on the environment.

Intelligent Footprint Calculation

Tools that accurately compute your business’s carbon emissions. Understand how each part of a business contributes to its environmental impact. Show how changes could reduce emissions.

Realtime Automated Emission Tracking

Track emissions as they happen, track changes and effective reduction of emissions, and track sustainability goals. A live ledger of your company’s carbon footprint. Automatically import from your existing systems and correlate emissions to their offsets.

Automatically Offset to Meet Goals

Offset emissions to meet your sustainability goals. Integrate carbon neutrality into products automatically. Kodama can help automatically meet sustainability goals through offsets. Use Kodama to track KPIs and your progress towards the goals you’ve set.

Integrate into your Processes

Kodama is built tech-first. We’re building our product and APIs with integration in mind. We want to make it easy to add Kodama into existing business processes and deeply integrate sustainability.

About Credits

Carbon offsets, or voluntary carbon credits, are one way your business can achieve your sustainability goals. These offsets help to fund projects that either actively remove carbon from the atmospher, or provide a real reduction in carbon emissions on a large scale. Kodama makes it easy to purchase offsets to help make your business more environmentally conscious.

Go beyond greenwashing

Take a step towards accountability and transparency by using the only real-time carbon tracking and offset platform. You're not just offsetting your emissions, your doing it in a transparent accountable way.

Kodama's goal is to help you show your customers and stakeholders how you're going on notional greenwashing.

Buy an offset

Not ready to commit to sustainability for your business, but still want to offset? Buy a single offset with Kodama's stickers. Each Offsets 1 ton of carbon dioxide.

You track your accounting and expenses, why not track where your carbon impact comes from?

Accounting for your emissions

Sell Offsets with Kodama

Kodama's API gives you the infrastructure to manage your carbon offsets. Sell offsets and fund your project through the Kodama API and open exchange. We only list offsets that are verified independently by registry's such as GoldStandard and Verra.