Kodama - Tracking your emissions

Track emissions, add value

Learn about your business's impact, and demonstrate value to your customers by tracking emissions in real time.

Just like you track how much you spend on your business, and make use of accounting software, Kodama provides the accounting solution for your carbon footprint.

Understand exactly how much carbon you're emitting for each product you sell.

Keep tabs on manufacturing and transport emissions

Kodama's tracking tools allow you to track emissions, and quickly quote the cost to offset the carbon impact. Our service provides an easy way to demonstrate the carbon impact to your customers, and pass the offset on to them.

Correlate your emissions to offsets

By using Kodama to log your emissions, you can track and learn about your impact, and correlate any purchased carbon credits to a specific event.

Cover your carbon footprints

Turning your emissions into offsets has never been easier

Semi Truck

GHG Emission

Track your greenhouse emissions as they occur. Add value for your customers by showing the emissions.
Green Solar Energy

Voluntary Credits

Buy offsets in projects that sequester carbon, and correlate the sequestered carbon to existing emissions. Self-emitted or otherwise.