Kodama - Logistics Solutions

Kodama for Logistics

Track and manage the carbon emissions of your logistics company using Kodama.

Understand the total carbon impact of your business by integrating with your existing TMS.

Use Kodama to give your customers or shippers ways to offset their carbon emissions created through transit.

Help your shippers and customers offset their emissions

Integrate Kodama into your existing infrastructure and TMS, and give your customers the ability to offset their emissions. Integrate Kodama, set the price of adding offsets, and give your customers a way to save the planet.

Sell offsets, add value

Customers are more likely to support businesses with a cause. Selling carbon offsets increases customer and employee retention, and creates a new value add for your business and customers.

Integrate into your workflow

Kodama's API gives you the ability to add carbon offsets into your existing suite of software. Kodama's API is easily integrated into your existing TMS, CRMs, or other logistics management software.

Real time data for you and your customers

Show your customers and stakeholders realtime data about how customers are leveraging carbon offsets. Gain insights into your emissions overtime, and how customers are leveraging carbon offsets.

The average cost to offset a truckload is just $17

Kodama gives you the tools to estimate, track, and offset loads automatically.

Use Kodama to give your customers a new product offering, or take sustainability into your own hands and offset independently. Track the entire impact of your fleet, brokerage, or shipping operations and audit your GHG emissions.