Kodama - Carbon Broker Solutions

Kodama for Carbon credit Brokerages

Itegrating and selling carbon offsets with Kodama will give your brokerage real-time tracking and insights into your customer's behaivior

Give your customers a new set of tools to manage their offsets, increasing engagement.

Understand exactly how much carbon you're emitting for each product you sell.

Build your brokerage with Kodama

Don't build your own digital carbon brokerage, sell through Kodama. Add your verfied projects, set your prices, and sell to your customers without building in-house tools or solutions.

Sell offsets, process payments

Kodama can handle the payment infrastructure for selling your offsets. Don't fret over credit card processing, or integrating with your customers products.

Give your customers integration support

Kodama provides API integration support so your customers can better leverage the data surrounding their carbon offsets, purchase additional offset, and track their emissions. Give your brokerage customers the tools they need to integrate carbon offsets into their product.

Real time data for you and your customers

Show your customers and stakeholders realtime data about how customers are leveraging carbon offsets. Gain insights into customers GHG emissions in real time. Make more informed desicions with better customer data.