Kodama - About Offsetting

Buy your offsets through Kodama

Kodama's API provides a straight forward way to purchase your offsets.

We're currently building a portfolio of projects that span the spectrum from reforestation to alternative energy.

Offset API with leading features.

API purchasing

Use the API to implement offset purchasing straight into your product. The options are open ended, you can offer your customers ways to offset their footprint, or handle it all in-house.

Project selection

Kodama will soon let you select the projects you want to fund with your offsets. We're working to build a diverse portfolio of projects we believe in.

Multi-org support

Keep your business operations in check by leveraging our multi-org support. Split reporting across multiple departments or projects.


Export and share your carbon offsets. Show your customers the impact you're creating, or use reports to track internal emissions goals.

Kodama is more than carbon

The carbon credits Kodama backs go beyond emissions. They support reforestation, habitat protection, and providing opportunity in the developing world.

The benefits of offsetting

The benefit of offsetting your emissions goes beyond the environmental impact. It helps your business stay competitive too.

Customers shop with purpose

87% of customers will purchase from a company because they support a cause the customer supports. 74% will avoid businesses that don't support any social initiatives. Use Kodama to show you support a cause.

Causes add value

Carbon offsets are cost effective. The majority of customers pay more for products that are made buy businesses that support a cause they believe in. Kodama demonstrates added value to your customers.

Employees feel better

75% of millenial employees want to work at a business that supports the same causes they do. 73% say they'd be more likely to accept a job at a company that supports these values, 86% say they'd stay longer.